The Court Of The State Of Victoria

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1. In what court was this case heard?
= The case was heard in the Supreme Court Of the State of Victoria.

2. Name the judge and explain her title.
= The name of the judge is Justice DODDS-STREETON.

3. Explain what is meant by the term ‘medium neutral citation’. Which case citation should be used if the case is subsequently reported in the law reports?
= Many courts have adopted ‘medium neutral citation’ for making decisions. Medium neutral citation allows decisions and judgements of the court be reported regardless of its publication medium (i.e. Print form or Internet databases). Parallel case citation should be used if the case is repeatedly or subsequently reported in the law reports.

4. The crux of the case concerns the meaning of a ‘unilateral contract’; briefly explain what is meant by a unilateral contract.
=A unilateral contract is defined as a legally enforceable deal between legally competent functions to do or refrain from doing a specified, legal act. Within an partial contract, one party compensates the other party to accomplish a certain duty. In case the duty is fulfilled, the party on the other side of the deal is made to pay the specified funds. Simply this party is under obligation of the deal, whereas the acting party is not legally required to perform the work.

5. Which case established the definition of a unilateral contract and what was held in that case?
= The ‘Carlill v Carbolic Smoke Ball co [1893] 1 QB 256 ‘case…
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