The Court Of The Supreme Court Essay

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Many people think that the only people that can make a decision for them through a court case is a regular judge, many people don’t realize that theres many cases that has been brought up all the way to the Supreme Court. The judges in the Supreme Court are the highest judges in United States, Basically whatever these judges say is what’s going to happen, they can speak something among each other and make a final decision as one. Not any person can just get the job as a Supreme Court judge, these judges are nominated by the President, and confirmed with the advice of consent from the senate. The cases and hearing go from 7 to 8000 a year. The Supreme Court goes way back to 1935, they were at many different places during the war. It was first made in the Old Senate Chamber from 1861 to 1935.
The place was not so big and it did not have many seats with a huge table. All the judges during this time would all eat in the robbing room. The Chief of Justice Mr. William Howard Taft tried his best and expanded the building over long periods of time. Mr. Taft passed before the new Supreme Court opened up and he is the only president who later became a justice. During that, Charles Evans Hughes came so close to beating Woodrow Wilson in 1916 for the white house in the United States. Hughes resigned from the court to run against Wilson, later on he later joined the court again in the 1930s as chief justice, replacing Mr. Taft.
The requirements for these judges where meant justices of…

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