The Court System In The United States And Across The Globe

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The Court System in the United States and across the globe are tasked with settling disputes in society. Many different groups of people come together in a courthouse to make sure the legal proceedings run as smoothly as possible. From judges to lawyers, to the people who work behind the scenes, such as paralegals and legal scholars, these individuals are the ones who work diligently to bring closure to any matters that could not be settled outside of a courtroom. And in this paper, we will cover how the court system are organized in what are known as the “model countries”, countries that are well known for their approach to the legal system. These countries are the United States, England, France, Germany, China, Saudi Arabia, and Japan.…show more content…
The Court of Appeals handles both criminal and civil cases, which is considered the second level of appellate courts. In this court, judges may actually add time to sentence if they think the appeal brought forward to them was a waste of time. Until 2009 Parliament served as the court of last resorts for England. However, late that year, that role switched to the new Supreme Court of the United Kingdom. Its role is to hear appeals from all the courts of across their country. Moving over to the people that work in these courts, there are two types of magistrates in England, stipendiary and lay magistrates. Stipendiary magistrates are district judges who do most of their work alone, while lay magistrates work together in small groups to decide court cases in a regular sitting. Most lay magistrates are women, this is because men don’t have extra time to devote to this line of judge work. In the High Court, there are about 80 judges, and in the Supreme Court of England there are 12. Police officers, instead of lawyers, were tasked with being the prosecutors in smaller cases, while the more serious cases (those tried in crown courts) were handled by barristers. Barristers are the attorneys who handle cases in court and are trained in courtroom procedures. Solicitors are the people who work for attorneys and they handle most of the pretrial work,
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