The Court System Is An Impartial Judiciary

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The courts system is an impartial judiciary body trusted to acquit the innocent and convict the guilty, treat those who come in contact with the system with respect, and appropriate judicial resources wisely. Currently, the courts face many issues that may interfere with its obligation to do justice. These issues will be addressed, along with future issues facing courts and court administrators, future management issues and trends regarding language interpretation services, and the past, present, and future impact that victim rights laws have on court proceedings.
The courts system handles many cases. Each year the court caseloads increase. Some of these cases are not able to go to trial in a timely manner because many cases are backlog.
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Lawyers said a majority of cases were pending because the litigants had not paid their representative. In some cases, the client wanted the case to remain undecided, sometimes the case required too much time because it was complex, and sometimes the judges was so busy that they did not have time to record witness statements (Yasif, 2016). Many cases are postponed because public prosecutors have too many cases and not enough time or staff to take care of them in a timely fashion. Also lawyers are able to make a number of motions that add more time to pre-trial actions, such as a motion of continuance, which allows the defendant to make a choice to go to trial at a later time.
Plea- bargaining is another concern the courts deal with. About 90% of people indicted for felony crimes plead guilty (O’Conner, 2010). During the plea bargaining process, prosecutors offer sentencing compromises to encourage defendants to plead guilty and waive their right to a jury trial or threaten them with increased charges or a more severe sentence if they do choose to go to trial. Some people refer plea-bargaining to an unnecessary evil because the process causes the defendant to surrender their constitutional rights such as the privilege against self-incrimination and the right to a jury trial. There are many concerns in the courts regarding plea bargaining. It has been considered as a way of the guilty avoiding
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