The Cove Essay

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A documentary film is a film that is intended to document some aspect of reality and informs or exposes somebody on some topic. There are many examples of this type of film that expose the truth or reality of something that is going on in the world, even though you may not want to hear about it because it is so appalling, gruesome, and sad. One film called The Cove specifically exposes the reality (truth) of dolphin slaughters in Taiji, Japan. The Cove is truthful in exposing the happenings in Taiji, Japan. First it proves its happening then it makes argument you should save dolphins. EMOTIONS Dolphin- innocent In order for something to be truthful, it has to be backed up by evidence that supports that your claim is true. The…show more content…
The cameras caught on tape Japanese fishermen slaughter dolphins by driving a pin into their necks, slitting their throats with knives or by piercing them with long sticks from their boats. The video shows us that the dolphin slaughter is actually happening by showing firsthand accounts of proof. How do you know that their video is real and not Photoshoped? Well, why would the filmmakers got through all the trouble (security guards, hills, and cliffs) that they did to get that video and just Photoshop it in the end? As I mentioned before, the movie showed reliable video of people who were near the secret cove being shooed away by Japanese fishermen. This shows that something terrible happens because they don't want people to see what goes on there and try to hide it from the public. Dolphin slaughter is a good reason to keep something hidden because it is so terrible. The film also succeeds in exposing the truth by using logos. The film shows evidence of dolphin slaughters that you can logically conclude is from dolphin slaughters. For example one frame, as included in the film shows red waters (when printed in color) and Japanese fishermen pulling dead dolphins out from the water. You can conclude that the red water is from dolphins killings because 1) you can see an animal being stabbed (harmed) and when that happens they start bleeding, which is red, 2) you know that the animal is a dolphin because it is right
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