The Covenant Model For Inspiration, Guidance, And Most Of All, Practical Business Wisdom

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Many corporate managers are increasingly looking to the covenant model for inspiration, guidance, and most of all, practical business wisdom. While some managers seemingly exploit the religiously inspired language of covenant for purely self-interested reasons (Pava, 2001), leaders such as Williams Pollard of ServiceMaster, communicated an authentic connection to this notion. Because of that ServiceMaster, a Chicago-based outsourcing services company, became a well-known corporation in the mid 1990’s, hence the reason why they were effortlessly classified as an exclusively ranked business landing them number 373 in the fortune 500 list. Not to mention earning them a gross revenue of more than $4 billion dollars, supported by
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To make locating the interpretation of life’s meaning less daunting, leaders should practice thinking outside of the box. Making a habit of attempting to understand another culture’s perspective and leadership is the best way to do this. A leader’s followers will typically be from various cultures, meaning the leader must conform his leadership style by taking bits and pieces from what they have learned and applying it to the situation the best way possible. With help of Pollard technique of leadership ServiceMaster have been able to provide a fundamental service to the community Editor (1998) displays that with this comment:
ServiceMaster provides outsourcing services to more than 10.5 million customers in the United States and in 41 countries around the world, with annual customer level revenue of $6.4 billion. The core service capabilities of the Company include lawn care and landscaping, termite and pest control, plumbing, heating and air conditioning maintenance and repair, appliance maintenance and repair, cleaning, plant maintenance and supportive management (para.5).
Some would say that he took an Internal Relationships methodology, this final area involves
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