The Cowboys By Mark Rydell

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The western film “The Cowboys” directed by Mark Rydell, which stars John Wayne as the main character Wil Andersen, who is a stiff necked rancher in Montana, stuck with working with a bunch of inexperienced boys. Wil Andersen is faced with a difficult situation when all of the ranch hands get involved in the local gold rush and he has no more workers. Andersen’s friend Anse will get the idea of having the local schoolboys help him on the drive, but Andersen is not sold on the idea and is still concerned and worried about the drive. The next day the boys from the school will show up at Andersen’s ranch ready to help. Andersen is not fond of wasting daylight and will test the boys by having them ride on the back of a wild horse he is trying to break. The boys, are lead by the oldest Slim Honeycutt, who will surprise Andersen by being able to staying on. Cimarron , a young lonely Mexican boy, will come in and ride the horse successfully but will get into a fight with Slim. Andersen breaks up the fight and turns Cimarron away. The boys have a lot of learning yet that they need to do from Andersen. Andersen will be faced with another problem when three men ride in asking for work. The three men lie to Andersen and this does not go over well with him and he refuses to hire the three. Shortly after this the cook Jeb Nightlinger shows up and now Andersen has a full crew to drive the cattle. They will start the drive and the boys will soon become tired and sore from the strains of

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