The Cowperthwaite 's Documentary Blackfish Essay

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Gabriela Cowperthwaite’s documentary Blackfish explores the harm captivity causes to whales and their trainers. Throughout the film the orca whales undergo a transformation from defenseless creatures into molded killers. The orcas in the film are portrayed as intelligent and caring creatures who are capable of grief. Through this character the development the documentary has affected how these animals are treated, as well as the public’s opinion on the issue. The documentary does a great job of painting the picture of what the orcas would be like in the wild, describing these creatures as “intelligent, emotional, and caring”(Blackfish). The film further emphasizes that in the wild, mother, and offspring hardly ever separate. The relationships built by these animals are equivalent to that of mother and child, if not more loving. Additionally, the documentary includes scenes of the orcas majestically swimming in groups. A specific shot in the movie, has the sunlight coming from the left side, to give these animals an angelic glow, which affects the emotional response from the audience. This shot is effective at developing the whales as gentle characters, because it is accompanied by a soft violin tune in the background. These whales who are free to do as they wish appear to be happier, compared to their counterparts held in captivity. Photo courtesy Magnolia Pictures . The orcas on film have suffered greatly as a result of their captivity. The area in which SeaWorld
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