Essay about The Crack Cocaine Epidemic of the Mid 1980s

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“Just Say No!” A statement that takes us deep into yet another decade in the history of the United States which was excited by controversies, social issues, and drug abuse. The topic of this statement is fueled by the growing abuse of cocaine in the mid 1980s. I shall discuss the effects of the crack cocaine epidemic of the mid 1980s from a cultural and social stand point because on that decade this country moved to the rhythms and the pace of this uncanny drug. Cocaine took its told on American society by in the 1980s; it ravaged with every social group, race, class, etc. It reigned over the United States without any prejudices. Crack cocaine was the way into urban society, because of its affordability in contrast to the powdered…show more content…
The numbers speak loud and clear. This was part of the effects that where brought about by this epidemic, the growing use of the drug. Crack cocaine pierced through urban neighborhoods; its roots were tightly griped in Los Angeles California’s black neighborhoods (Webb “Dark Alliance; War…”). In effect, the growing use of cocaine in the US brought fort new types of profit and purpose for the drug trafficking industry; thus the emergence of crack cocaine on American soil, especially through the explosion in LA. This was due to a link between these areas drug dealers and the Fuerza Democratica Nicaraguense (FDA), know as the Contras here in the US (Webb “Dark Alliance; the Shadowy…”). The Contras imported the cocaine through one man, Oscar Danilo Blandon (Webb “Dark Alliance; the Shadowy…”). The Contras revolution against the socialist establishment in Nicaragua was being funded by the drug trafficking industry in other words (Webb “Dark Alliance; the Shadowy…”), and this ius when a chain effect begins. The chains of effects begin in Nicaragua, but ultimately it ends and harbors itself in the US within its urban neighborhoods. The CIA was involved with the Contras is one way or another, this is where the conspiracy theories begin (Webb “Dark Alliance; the Shadowy…”). Supposedly in the most extreme conclusion of them all is that the CIA was allowing the Contras to import and deliver all their cocaine, in order for them to find the monetary means for their

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