The Cracks in Marriage Caused by the Acceptance of Infidelity

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A new husband and a beautiful bride share their first dance together on their wedding day. Moments before the dance the new husband was in the coat room, having sex with the maid of honor. Meanwhile, the beautiful bride was in the kitchen with her high school sweetheart, on her back trying not to make any noise while she had sex with her high school sweetheart. The sanctity of the new marriage is broken. However, both will go on in the marriage for the next few months until it collapses. The new couple had no idea of what a traditional marriage is meant to be. Marriage has been many things throughout history but, some constants have maintained throughout time until current society. Marriage has maintained an identity of love, commitment,…show more content…
Americans draw social cues from movies and television. When the media that Americans watch is showing that affairs are acceptable to participate in, then more people will engage in affairs. Movies are not the only means of media to glorify infidelity. Television furthers the acceptance of infidelity with shows like ABC’s Mistress. The show follows the affairs of four married women and how these affairs lead the woman down a path of self discovery. What the show conveys to the audience is an image that affairs are acceptable. The danger of entertainment that shows the acceptance of infidelity is that the acceptance of infidelity becomes reality. The reality then becoming relationships being formed with the intent of those involved being unfaithful. The breakdown of marriages caused by the images and messages portrayed in our entertainment is slowly deteriorating the identity of marriages. As the identity of marriages is degraded by entertainment other media sources display the growing acceptance if infidelity. News stations, a form of media trusted by many Americans, will display urgent segments on the affairs of political leaders. When President Bill Clinton professed his guilt of having a sexual affair with Monica Lewinski the American public initially disapproved. However, according to a poll conducted by President Clinton’s approval rating has been steadily increasing despite his public affair. The over exposure of the affair by

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