The Craft And Composition : A Writer Is Crafted By More Than Ability

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A writer is crafted by more than the ability to write. In many cases it 's not about how precise the writer can write, but what the write has to write about. To have tools, but a lack of cause is pointless in writing. Therefore on page 9 in the Craft & Composition: A Guide to First Year Writing at Armstrong, the main focus was on a writers mindset rather than their actual ability to write. This is because one can be extremely knowledgeable on how to write, but the writer must have a connection with the subject or else the person 's ability to write can be compromised.
This can be demonstrated by the use of curiosity. Curiosity is a very strong motivator for writing for the simple fact that it provides all the motivation as well as tools throughout the writing process. A very well written paper can be built upon curiosity because as the person goes along and does the research he or she will collect as much information as they possibly can. Thus giving the paper an abundance of facts and theories allowing the author to lead the piece of writing in multiple directions retaining the audiences attention. In addition to this, one 's openness to a topic can be very important for writing certain papers due to a need of abstract ideas. Naturally a writer has a direct position in their paper, but if the possibility that there are other ways to arrive at the same conclusion or even look at the possibility that their whole thesis could be wrong could improve the textual evidence in the…
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