The Craft Beer Company Hop

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1.0 Introduction
This report plans to outline the craft beer company Hop Invaders, and create a recommendation to help this business move forward. This report will also bring forward the customers, competitors, suppliers, and labour market, and how these feed into the recommendation.

Hop Invaders was founded by Chris Henderson and David Gibson a little over two years ago after they brewed in their shed at home using a home brewing kit. They then took their creations to the Craft Beer Festival in Dunedin where they were placed 3rd. From there, they both decided to set up Hop Invaders and have now been a registered company for just over a year.

Their mission is to be the people to create what they describe as “new news”, meaning that they want to be innovators and come up with new ideas that keep people interested. They want their new flavours, brand experience, and beer to be something that people want to try and can’t resist talking about.

Hop Invaders produce “Level One” Golden Ale and “Hi-Score” South Island Pale Ale, as well as a seasonal “Lunar Landing” Oatmeal Stout (“Our Beers,” 2015). They have used the video game Space Invaders as an inspiration for their brand name and product names. Their Pale Ale is unique in the fact that they only use South Island hops and malts.

Hop Invaders is based in Dunedin, and has a contract brewer that is based in Oamaru.

2.1 External Environment and Competitive Strategy
Any organisation will be affected by the external environment,
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