The Craft Beer Industry: Beer Glassware Essay

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INTRODUCTION Europeans have been particular about what glass to serve their beer in for years. Since the craft beer industry in North America is booming in volume and the number of styles, it is only logical that craft beer be presented in the best glassware. This report provides reasons as to why the shaker pint (or cocktail glass) should not be used as the dominant glassware of choice for craft beer. DEFINITION OF THE PROBLEM The average customer thinks that the shaker pint glass is an acceptable choice for consuming craft beer from. The vast majority of customers are unaware that the shaker pint is an extremely poor choice to serve craft beer and to not use this glass. By using this glass, customers will never truly have the best…show more content…
He stated that they maintain minimum inventories for sale of beer glassware. What doesn't sell simply finds its way to service the bar glassware to replace broken/ damaged ones. Therefore the Establishment really loses nothing on the matter as far as profit. The limitation of this is that Kelowna’s craft beer scene is slower to expand than other regions such as Vancouver. PRESENT METHODS TO ADDRESS THE ISSUE There has been some movement on a few levels but it seems to be restricted to the beer aficionados. Creating your own glass – Larger production craft breweries such as Samuel Adams created their own glass. Craft breweries have circumvented the issue by creating their own branded glassware such as Samuel Adams. This brewery hired a team of engineers to design the glass as pictured in Fig1. Figure 1 - Samuel Adams glass created by a team of engineers. Collaboration between DogFish Head Brewery and Sierra Nevada brewery has led to the creation of a new IPA glass that can be purchased at the Spiegelau site. There has been minimal advertising and marketing on this glassware for the general public. The limitations on this matter are the following items: o The average consumer doesn’t necessarily understand the need to have the proper glassware, let alone to try to understand the intricacies of the various styles of glassware. o

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