The Craft Beer Industry & How Brew Stooges Made Their Mark On The Industry

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Company Overview During this presentation we will be going into depths concerning the craft beer industry and how Brew Stooges made their mark on the industry in Huntsville, Alabama. Five years ago, in early 2010, there was a single brewery in Huntsville, Alabama, one brewery, and the only of its kind to open since the repeal of national prohibition in 1933. The city literally went for a span of 71 years without a single commercially brewed local beer.
As of June 2015, there are eight breweries in Huntsville, soon to be nine. This smallish southern city, population 180,000, has undergone a total transformation as far as its craft brewing industry is concerned. Like so many other American cities, beer has come into the vogue, but few if any can claim to have experienced such as a rapid, radical, city-defining seismic shift. In just five years, “old veteran” brewing presences have been established and a younger generation has come along to reap the rewards of a clientele that continues to refine its taste. It’s still very much a work in progress, but to compare the “before” and “after” statistics is shocking. Thanks to a timely repeal of some antiquated laws that held the brewing industry back-a home brewing ban, an ABV cap, a ban on large-format bottles-craft beer is now free to thrive.
None of this would likely have happened without the first brewery, the now defunct Olde Towne Brewing Company, which opened in 2004 to snap the 71-year drought. It’s difficult to overstate
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