The Crash Of The Air Crash

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Nowadays, the airline industry is known as one of the most common type of transportation for long and short distances. Over thousands of passengers are traveling by aircrafts every day. But, this industry had faced with serious failures during last decades that in some cases, the human loss was one of these failures consequences. The Turkish 981 air crash (as shown in Figure: 1) is a known example of design process issues in airline history because of losing all 346 passengers after 10 minutes of flight. The Turkish aircraft was the second Mc_ Donnell Douglas unsuccessful flight that proved the weak performance of Dc_10 jumbo jet (Kilroy, para. 1-4). Douglas started to enter different jumbo jets to airline industry after producing jet planes for US military in order to introduce a new method of cargo door design. While, after the disaster, it was found that technical issues during the design of Douglas productions were the main reasons of Turkish flight crash (Johnston, 1976, p. 2).In this essay,Douglass history, main reasons of this air crash as design issues with cargo door,vent floor, actutor and hydraulic system, also a compression of Douglass process with a correct design process would be explained. Figure1: Turkish 981 aircraft

The history of Turkish air crash
On 3rd of March, the Turkish 981 flight left the Paris to London after 20 minutes delay. A few seconds later, at the height of
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