The Crash Of The Mayflower

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Mayflower II With the crash landing of the Mayflower II in 2040 came a new era. Aboard the spaceship was a very diverse group of individuals. The Mayflower II had contact with Earth and they received the news that a rescue ship would come in a year. The original plan of research quickly changed to survival. Soon after the crash a secondary supply ship came with bad news. Things had changed and a rescue ship would not be launched anytime soon. This newly formed colony on mars consisted of 40 workers, 20 scientist and 10 specials. 70 members who all different internationally, spiritually and physically.
With enough resources to survive it was vital for the members to spring into action and get everything settled. First off the colony’s main purpose of coming to Mars has change. They all need to focus on survival, then once life is all settled and going well the research can continue. It is important for the Colony members to keep calm in the midst of the ciaos and have an open mind. Secondly, it is obvious that some form of government will need to be put in effect. Three representatives of each group will be the leaders of the colony. The reasoning for the group of leaders is so that one group does not abuse powers over the others. For example, if there was one Scientist who was the leader he could easily abuse his powers and harm the specials or workers. The mars Colony’s leaders will be voted in by each group (workers, scientist and specials). Each group would vote for
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