The Crash Reel Reflection

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The film ‘The Crash Reel’ revolves around the story of Kevin Pearce who was a professional snowboarder. Kevin was one of the best in the world and was Olympic-bound. While practicing some new tricks to gain an edge in the Olympics, he suffered a very bad fall. The movie focused on the traumatic brain injury (TBI) he obtained through this accident and his “road to recovery”. At the beginning of the film, I saw a young man who was sure he had everything made in life. Then, shortly after, his entire life turned upside down so to speak. From seeing him in the recovery process, it was nice to see that he was completely rediscovering himself amid all of the anguish that his family members were experiencing. When Kevin said that he wanted to go back and snowboard again, I thought that he was betraying the love and support from everyone in his family. Once he realized that he could never be the great snowboarder that he once was, he had to realize that he was a different person as a result of that accident. After this realization, he demonstrated maturity in his actions and became much more conservative as a result. Watching this transformation demonstrated several key pieces of information regarding TBI’s. I learned just how severe TBI’s can be. Kevin had many permanent changes in his social behavior and physical behaviors. In the film, it was mentioned that Kevin suffered from double vision after the accident and this change in his vision is largely what caused his old

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