The Crater Of Diamonds: A Short Story

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Traveling throughout the United States is akin to traveling through the spectrum of multi jeweled kaleidoscope. Renowned metropolises house monolithic skyscrapers, each vying for position on streets laden with golden opportunities. From another angle, the oceans that embrace the country, offer their own aquamarine brilliance. And, there are even gems to be discovered in the rural, dust covered areas of the south. In fact, diamonds, lay buried deep below the surface in The Crater of Diamonds, in Murfreesboro, Arkansas; moreover, if prospectors find the elusive stones, they can keep them. When John Huddlestone owned this piece land in 1906, he had no idea he was quite literally sitting on a diamond mine. He noticed what appeared to be two small crystals in his farm's soil, and took them to be appraised at a local jewelers. Sure enough, his suspicions were confirmed, and the stones were in fact diamonds. Long before John's discovery, an explosion of magma ejected material from the earth millions of years ago; this explosion created…show more content…
Attempts at commercial mining proved futile, and eventually the area was opened to the public as a pay-to-prospect enterprise. In other words, for the cost of admission, the public could try their luck at prospecting, and what they found, they kept. Albeit, most of the stones were too small to mount in a setting, however, on occasion, larger stones ranging in size from 3 to 5 carats were uncovered. As well as variations in sizes, the diamonds were also diverse in colors: white, canary yellow, and black. Presently, The Crater of Diamonds is under the jurisdiction of the State of Arkansas, and has been renamed The Crater of Diamond State Park. Amateur prospectors are still welcomed to seek their fortune in the diamond studded crater. The experience of finding and keeping the elite of gemstones is its own reward - in a park which is one of America's precious
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