The Craven Book Horror Show

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The Craven Book Case Queation 1 Whose biggest fault it is? Craven Book have faced a huge issue when they tried to implement a new IT system in order to face to growing demand. This problem with the new IT system has had major impact on the company, and the protagonists don’t agree about who’s responsible for this mess. In the video there are four main participants: Peter Craven (the top manager), the IT manager, the employees and the IT consultant. Let’s see to what extend each of them is responsible. Peter Craven: As the top manager of the company he has to know what is going on in his company and he’s the one who have to take the…show more content…
The company employees: Implemented a new system may create problem with employees such as resistance. In this case it seems that they didn’t adapt their way of working with the new It System. Part of this problem may be due to the complexity of the system itself but there is also a part due to a lock in their intention to really understand the new system. They were also too passive, they didn’t communicate about the problem they were facing. It should have been resolved faster. There was also a problem with the storage, they kept on ignoring the main storage rules and put a complete mess, which was a difficulty for the IT system. The consultants: there is a real question about the interest of the consultant, which may not be the same as the company’s one. In this case it seems that they have been more interested in charging the company with an expensive system rather really helping it. They should have warned the company about the risks and maybe followed closer the implementation of the IT system. The IT consultants had the complete trust of Craven Books managers and were able to do whatever they wanted; we can think they haven’t been totally honest. To conclude the biggest fault is Peter Craven’s. As the boss, he has the overall responsibility for the success or failure of this project. He’s the one who have to make sure that everything is going on in his company,
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