The Crazy Effects of a Hockey Game

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You would never think that a hockey game could have such a crazy effect on the world and America. The medal round game between the United States of America and The Soviet Union would prove to be much more then just a game. The United States was getting more then just a victory and an upset, but our country was getting a much-needed moral boost in the fight against the Soviet Union in the Cold War. This wasn’t just a potential gold medal on the line, it was how we lived and our lifestyle compared to theirs. You want a true “David vs. Goliath” example; well you couldn’t ask for a better example how a David wins. This victory for America in the Olympics couldn’t have come at a better time for the country. There was little left to cheer…show more content…
This left little doubt that any team would come close to competing with the Soviets in the Olympics, let alone the Americans or more known as a group of college kids. The Americans were up against the best players in the world. They had a goalie that is still arguably the best goalie to play the game. To make matters worse about the upcoming match up with the Soviet Union was that America had recently lost to the Soviets in an embarrassing 10-3 defeat that was far worse then what the scoreboard appeared if you can believe that. The Soviets were rolling in the Olympics to with no team even showing any sign of competing with them, let alone pulling off a huge upset like that (Honeycutt). The game was going to happen and everybody was fully expecting the Soviet Union to roll over the Americans and not have a problem winning the gold. The only that thought there was a chance of the monumental upset was Herb Brooks and Craig Patrick and the players, other then that, not many at all (Russell). When America pulled off probably the biggest upset in all of sports history, America was instantly going nuts. People who have never seen a puck in their life were even going crazy. It wasn’t just hockey fans that were able to realize the size and importance of this upset and even bigger was a win in the ongoing Cold War. The Cold War wasn’t at its harshest at this time period, but it was still really ugly. America was faltering and couldn’t find a way
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