The Created Superior Council Encompassed Two Houses, Namely

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The created Superior Council encompassed two houses, namely Administrative and Disciplinary units. The core responsibility of this council is to deliver the requirements by the judicial career. This, along with the changes in the constitutional structures lightened the rights of the Colombians as the human rights were added into the new constitution thus protecting their interests. Following the continuous low ranking in this system, the World Bank, in 2009 introduced projects that strengthen the judicial operations in Colombia. This project reinforced the activities of the Interior and Justice ministry and offered quality resolution services for the disputes. By 2013, this country’s judicial system was ranked by the World Bank at 150 out…show more content…
This may cover the transitional mechanism into a new set of operations. Thus, these amendments may be viewed by some philosophers as unconstitutional thus erodes its validity. Thus, the AG may be handcuffed from delivering adequate and fair judgment to the proprietors of crimes against humanity that include genocide and also war. In addition, the AG may be limited to prosecute selected crimes which leave the crime gap that needs to be examined (Bernal-Pulido, 2014). The differing in the court opinions hurdles the overall decision by the AG with respect to a particular case. An opinion that is passed by a certain court sets a precedent that can be used to make a decision. Hirschl (2006) argued that some of the decisions by the Supreme Court in Colombia are not unanimous. However, the court takes the opinion of the majority of the nine organs. This follows a provision of adequate evidence as well as the credibility of such shreds of evidence. The similar tie of the vote may occur and this makes the situation even harder as the process of re-examination may influence the decision in either positive of negative way. Beside this, politics also may invade the decision-making process. Caldwell (1953) discussed the lines between the Colombian government and the judicial system. Sometimes the powers overlap and since politics constitute the judicial system through the election of the officials by the national assembly, it is
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