The Creation And Collapse Of Unified German Empire

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The period of one hundred years spanning from the mid-nineteenth century to the mid twentieth century was one hundred years of monumental change. It saw the end of American slavery, the creation and collapse of unified German Empire, the creation of Eastern European nation states that emerged from the wreckage of the Austro-Hungarian Empire only to fall to the Soviet Union within a few decades, two world wars, the invention of cars and their erasure of horses from everyday transportation, the development of nuclear weapons, and the novel concept of photographs become televisions in the home of the average American family. This period of radical change was made possible by men who saw the possibility of changing the world and perused it. Regimes fell, borders were redrawn, and from the ranks of revolutionaries the leaders who would create new orders rose. Those with innovative ideas, creativity, and the right combination of skills and resources created the material goods that shaped these crucial years. But as the world progressed at an alarming rate, there were those who wished to preserve the traditions and values of the past. This desire existed even among the same minds who brought about the revolutions of the era, and they found themselves struggling to find the middle ground between these two different objectives. Among them were American automobile manufacturer Henry Ford, Mexican President Profirio Diaz, and the Turkish President Mustafa Kamal. While the latter two
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