The Creation Of A Monster By Mary Shelley

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Throughout the novel Marry Shelley goes into topics such as ability to have free will, family, compassion, science etc. Each topic provokes the reader to rethink their ideals on such topics. The creation of a “monster” allows the author to relate topics in a fictional manner. Since Frankenstein’s creation isn’t technically a human the reader is forced to think about the novel in a way that traditionally wouldn’t. The gothic genre of the novel thrives on questioning the reader’s traditional beliefs. The book is set in the 5th or 6th century in Scandinavia. It is written in Anglo-Saxon or Old English. It is a heroic story. A monster named Grendel lives not too far from the territory of the Danes in an underwater cave. King Hrothgar is having a successful reign when he decides to build a mead-hall. The mead-hall is significant because it brings culture, something very important to the Danes. The men collect there to drink, receive gifts from the king, and to hear stories sung by bards. Grendel is upset by the all the enjoyment going on and he proceeds to terrorize the hall for years. A young warrior named Beowulf firm the land of the Geats under the ruling of King Hygelac hears about King Hrothgar’s dilemma and he leaves his people to help King Hrothgar even though his people were sad that he was leaving. He promises to slay the monster and he does as well as he slay the monster’s mother. Beowulf ends up becoming King of the Geats. His heroism is not over because a thief
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