The Creation Of Careers Through Physics

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The Creation of Careers through Physics Physics is often deemed “useless” and “stressful” by young students taking the course in high school and college. However, many you students don’t the advantages and opportunity’s that the subject can provide for them in the future. Most young adults think that Physics will most likely not help them in the future and end up being waste of time and a credit, but, most of them don’t know that the careers that physics provides can both high paying and fun . Over the course of this research paper, I hope I can provide sustainable reasoning on why Physics can help us in the near future. This first careers I will be presenting will have to do with Kinematics, the word that most physics students are annoyed of hearing. Most high school students often dream about going into the engineering field. Some don’t know that this field itself uses physics, a lot. A specific career that often uses kinematics is a Mechanical Engineer. The field requires such precision in building the interior or exterior of the machine the engineer is designing, that the engineer needs to be as precise as possible with his calculations. Mechanical engineers are often interacting with the distribution of power. They create machines that can benefit humans or benefit the environment such as electric generations, engines, turbines, elevators, and escalators. Entering the field will require at least a Bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering and a Professional

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