The Creation Of Christianity And Islam

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The Disputations may sound as though they were peaceful dialogues. However whether they were Christian-Jewish or Islamic-Jewish, they always resulted in vicious anti-Semitism and marked a dark time for Jews in Christian and Muslim countries. The aftermath of these double indemnity disputations were anti-Semitic since they would conclude with persuading Jews to convert out of Judaism (Bard), the creation of unfair rules against Jewish debaters (Bard), and a dangerous outcome for the Jewish debater, or regular Jewish citizens (Telushkin 187-189).
Between the years four and two BCE Jesus was born, paving the creation of Christianity (Akin). In addition to the creation of Christianity, a mere 574 years later Muhammad was born, which marked the birth of the third monotheistic religion, Islam (Nasr). At this time Judaism had been around for thousands of years and existed in small timid numbers. Populations subscribing to Christianity and Islam struggled to believe and understand how people could subscribe to “false” beliefs, or in other words, beliefs which differ from their own. Another attitude and belief that makes these two religions intrusive, is known as replacement theology. Replacement theology is the belief that Christianity considers itself to be a completed, postdated version of Judaism, and Islam considers itself to be a completed edition of both Judaism and Christianity (Roth). This ignorance that is directed from Muslims towards Jews is derived from the Quran (3:56),
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