The Creation Of God And Frankenstein

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In order to make something great, one always has the possibility to have faults and consequences in their actions. Perfection is not a goal to be reached, as it can only be strived for. When God created man, he was trying to create a companion to share the world with. When Frankenstein created his monster, he was trying to conquer death. God and Frankenstein both created their own definitions of mankind and while there were differences in their results, they went about it in a similar manner, causing both good and bad consequences. God’s creation process was quite different from Frankenstein’s. When God created man, he used only pure materials. According to the Bible, He used pure dirt and water, forming the clay with which he molded man. He then breathed the “breath of life” into Adam and He used Adam 's rib to create Eve. In order to make them pure, he used resources from the earth he created (Genesis 1-3). “The Uniqueness of the Genesis Creation Story” explains how pure God’s creation was: Genesis says God spoke all things into origination. This does not mean He uttered words that possessed inherent magical powers. Rather, the irrevocable power of God’s creation words was grounded in the authority of God Himself. Unlike the nature deities whose existence was limited to the world’s system, God existed before creation and above creation. Also, creation was not the emanation of divine person or power. It was separate…
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