The Creation Of Mickey Mouse

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The Creation Of Mickey Mouse "Oswald is my character, I 'm the one who created the rabbit with a round, white face, big button nose and floppy black ears, That was all my creation!" I shouted frustrated. "We know that Walt, but if you just -, " Scott an executive at Universal tried explaining to me before I cut him off. I shouted again, "No, I made this rabbit and I refuse to let you guys take it all away!" "Listen, Walt were giving you a chance to keep Disney only if you just take a lower salary," Scott tried explaining once again. A lower salary? What even is this mess? Nothing he 's say is making since and why should I consider taking a lower salary.... I want explanations. "You can 't just come and try to take what I build and created away from me," Walt defended. Scott tried to reason with me again, "We 're offering you a chance to keep everything, all you have to do is agree to receiving lower pay." "No, there has to be a reason why you 're doing this," I questioned not listening to what Scott was trying to explain. "We told you this before, Oswald is currently riding high and you have the upper hand in all of this, but currently you have hired away all of your employees so this is your only decision," Scott explained. Oh I see now, they just want a part of all the hard work I did. But, why should I let them? The didn 't help me one bit. I said angrily, "None of this makes since and I 'm not agreeing to anything." "Well then I guess you better come up
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