The Creation Of Music With A Student

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Kodaly is a fabulous method used to facilitate the creation of music with a student. It is efficient, informative, easy-to-use, and successful. Even with everything great that has come from Kodaly occasionally it takes different approaches to help students connect to music on a deeper level. Every student is different; each learns in a unique way. Therefore, a teacher should provide an educational structure that is inclusive to all forms of teachings. This does not mean that one should throw Kodaly out the window, but rather build on it to create a superior fundamental foundation for students to grow in their edification. There are many great methods to teaching that can be incorporated into Kodaly. The first is Dalcroze. This method is fantastic when it comes to realizing music through movement and kinesthetic. Energy plays a pivotal role in music making and expression. An audience reacts to the energy generated by a musical performance. That transferable energy stems from within the souls of the performers. If a performer does not contain or feel the energy inside of them first, then there is no purpose for the music being formed. This is where Dalcroze comes in. Teaching a child to understand a concept is one thing. Having a child create an internal awareness about a concept and then make a personal connection is what the goal should be. Music is such a personal engagement and must be treated as such. During a Kodaly lesson plan, for example, there is a place to where
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