The Creation Of The Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA)

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The Justice department was created in 1870, is responsible for enforcing laws created by congress. Bureau of Investigation was created in 1908(p.24) Prior to 1908 agents were “barrowed from the Treasury (p.25). Bureau spread quickly after the 1910 white slave act and the 1917 Espionage act. Found to have a lack of good leadership J. Edgar Hoover was appointed bureau chief in 1924 he was 29 years old. Additionally, in1929 the identification bureau was opened, and charged with nationwide identification of criminals utilizing 810K finger card …received from federal penitentiaries…. Hoover was an astute director. To change the inept image of the Bureau Hoover sought to professionalize the FBI by only hiring college graduates specifically those FBI applicants with law and accounting. FBI crime lab opened in 1932 processing 963 cases its first year. In 1934 the Bureau of Investigation was formally changed to the FBI and was “recognized as a highly professional law enforcement agency…show more content…
and combined with the BNDD, and the office of national drug intelligence, In 1982 the sitting Attorney General combined the DEA with the FBI…Clinton wanted the DEA to remain autonomous to facilitate its enforcement of nationwide drug enforcement as it sought to banish drugs at its source and stop drug
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