The Creation Of The Iroquois Creation Story

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The Iroquois Creation Story is set before the existence of humans as we know them, but not absent of a physical place, or other beings. The Iroquois Creation Story has a very supernatural setting with many mythical and magical elements. The first lines of the story stated, “Among the ancients there were two worlds in existence. The lower world was in great darkness; - the possession of the great monster; but the upper world was inhabited by mankind.” The physical setting starts out in in the upper world, but changes to the lower world when, as stated in the story, the mattress the woman laid on “sunk down towards the dark world.” Eventually the setting changes one more time when the mattress landed on the back of a turtle, and eventually changed in to an island. “While holding her, the turtle increased every moment and became a considerable island of earth.” The inhabitants of these settings are just as enigmatic as the actual setting. Mankind inhabited the upper world we know but the lower world was “the possession of the great monster”. The monsters of the lower world are never described, except we know for sure that there was a turtle where the woman came to rest. Eventually the inhabitants of the lower world would include Enigonhahetgea and Enigorio, who would go on to transform the setting even more. Unlike The Iroquois Creation Story, chapter III of The Last of the Mohicans is set in a more realistic environment. There are no supernatural elements. The author
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