The Creation Of The Mayan Creation

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Creation myths and stories come in many different forms based on the culture it appeals too. The Maya Indians were a group of tribes who lived around Central America and Mexico. Their creation myth is one that is known as an example of creation ex nihilo which is creation from nothing. This myth or collection of stories reveals that the Mayan culture values the natural world, winning, and worship. The Mayan creation story starts off with the Earth being nothing but water. Then there are six deities or that lay in the water and helped Hurakan create the Earth. The power they had gave the Earth energy and spirit. They planted a ceiba tree to separate the sky and Earth. Plants and animals were created but animals could not speak or worship the deities. They decided to create humans from mud but were destroyed in a flood because they had no souls. Next wooded humans were created but destroyed as well. The surviving ones are supposed to have become monkeys. There was no Sun or Moon yet, but a bird named Seven Macaw said he was both and the two hero twins killed him. The two twins played the game of ball and challenged the Lord of the Underworld. By beating them, they brought their Father back to life who became the Maize God. The twins became the Sun and Moon and since the Earth now had light, the deities created the final humans. These humans were made of the white and yellow corn (Smithsonian, The Creation Story). This is where the story of Mayan creation ends. The Maya
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