The Creation Of The New German Nation, Or What Would Become

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The creation of the new German nation, or what would become known as the German Unification, mirrored similar revolutions around the globe, including that of the Meiji Restoration and the Ita lian Unification. Undoubtably, by the turn of 1871, a new German Empire emerged, but what remains in uncertain territories, is whether this new German Empire was created from above or below. Neither position can be disregarded or invalidated, as the power of the people holds equal significance to that of the people in power. However, as clearly highlighted by Ernest Renan in a declaration of nationhood, “we [the people] are what you make us; we are what you are”, demonstrates the complex relationship between a nation, its leaders and their people.…show more content…
The Danes and Alsace-Lorrainers were inconvenienced by war, as their respective nations’ loss to Germany had left their lands to be transferred from one nation to another and they somewhat found themselves left to be an alienated minority in a new country that was not their own. While, the Poles “were the butt of historic German feelings of superiority”, as they 'd generally found themselves within the German Empire and along with the other minorities, they “were all, in one way or another, treated as actual or potential ‘enemies of the Empire’”. Essentially, “this was a period of internal division in Germany”, as the minorities of the Poles, the Danes and Alsace-Lorrainers combined with others that opposed the nature of the new German nation, including many catholics, set the reality that although the new German nation had been created from above, it was yet to be ‘brought into existence’ below. This left the creation of the German nation to mirror the reality of Italian unification, as highlight by Massimo d’Azeglio “we have made Italy, now we have to make the Italians”. Therefore, the German nation was created from above, but it also needed to be created from below as well. With the German nation having been created from above, it then needed its citizens to be created as well. In order to combat the minorities, those that oppose the new German Empire and to truely

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