The Creation Of The Punishment In The Book Of Genesis

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The Book of Genesis offers a simple and straightforward creation of the universe; over the period of just seven days, God creates life on Earth with several elements: the sky, heaven, dry land and living creatures. This philosophical creation story finds itself ingrained in countless Christians. The Book of Genesis should be respected because it shapes how we think our god looks at us and how we think of our god. On the other hand, these chapters are utterly unreasonable especially when one considers the metaphors. These chapters tried to brainwash my mind with subtle fallacies of how authority should be unquestionable. How is this established through the punishment of Adam and Eve? Well, God is irrational when punishing them; contextually, one understands that God has created the Garden of Eden to place Adam and soon reward him with Eve. Before developing the significance of this…show more content…
They perhaps deserved to be punished as God explicitly told Adam not to eat from the Tree of Knowledge. However, this punishment is far too dreadful; this is because numerous Christians believe that this original must be redeemed from birth, and this implies that we are born into sin that we must redeem and that our level of life was at its peak when living in the Garden of Eden. How misguided! A more logical philosophy is that we are born without sins. Yes, they deserved punishment, but no, they did not deserve lifelong pain. Frankly, one can see Genesis as out-dated in modern society; we are far too advanced to believe this story. In a moral sense, we know that humankind is far too equal now in comparison to the centuries of harsh patriarchy and social classes. Even the Indian Caste System has now been abolished legally and we are making significant steps towards removing its effect in
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