The Creation Of The Salmon: A Short Story

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Northwest coast – the creation of the salmon There was once a Salish boy who lived in a village in the Northwest Pacific Coast. Everybody did something to help the others living in the village. This boy felt like he had no purpose because he couldn’t help the village in any way. He was a tall, lanky boy who couldn’t carry a bag of tools or row a canoe. His name was Chaske but the people referred to him as Sam or Sammy. Sammy didn’t talk to any of the other boys or girls in the village because they were always helping the village alongside their parents. Sammy always took walks in the nearby forests. He would walk on his own and look at the tree and the wildlife to see what he could find. One day, Sammy stumbled upon a strange looking object. He had walked through the same forest many times and had never seen such a thing. It had the height of a small tree, the width of a person and around five or six different faces vertically stacked on top of one another. After further inspection, the faces began to look like different species of animals. He recognized most of the faces – bear, eagle, wolf, and deer – but couldn’t recognize one. It…show more content…
He eventually passed out from lack of hydration. When he awoke he was in a part of the forest he had never been in before. He did not recognize which way was north, south, east or west. He looked all around and he could only see tree after tree after tree. He began to smell algae as he walked deeper into the forest towards the scent. Where there are algae, there is bound to be water. The sound got louder as he continued to walk. He heard water clashing against rocks. He had found a rapid in a river he had never seen before. The water was going very fast down the river and along with the water; a different kind of species was jumping up and down, into and out of the water. He had seen it before but didn’t know the name of it. It was the animal from the pole he had found in the
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