The Creation Of The Tueller Drill

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The creation of the Tueller Drill by Dennis Tueller has saved many lives and continues to do so. Tuellers teachings have led to some of the foremost tactics within the police force and military communities. The Tueller Drill is used to teach members of armed forces how to deal with threats as they maneuver the close quarters battlefield abroad. It also teaches police officers how to decide if lethal force is justified and how to prevent situations from escalating from a peaceful altercation to a deadly fight. The Tueller Drill is taught to upcoming police officers and can be more effectively taught to prevent both officer and subject injury.
The Tueller Drill was designed by Dennis Tueller to help govern the use of lethal force and prevent unnecessary injury to police officers. It has been given the title of the ‘21-foot rule’ even though it is considered an informal doctrine. The rule states that an armed threat within 21 feet can run towards an officer and fatally strike him before he can draw his holstered weapon and fatally wound his adversary. The Tueller Drill was originally created by Dennis Tueller while he was working at the Salt Lake City Police Department. It all started when one of his students asked how far away someone needs to be to warrant the use of lethal force. Tueller could not answer this question. This question created the idea that a police officer cannot justify shooting a suspect because he cannot tell if they are an imminent threat. Tueller took

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