The Evolution Of Neanderthals

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There are hundreds of alternating stories about the creation of the universe, religion, and morals among the thousands of faith groups around the world. These religions/views and the beginning of religion itself similarly originate alongside the birth of men. The beginnings of religion may have preceded the primary member of our species, Homo sapiens. Many scientists believe the concept that our pre-human ancestors went through a number of changes as they transitioned from “pre-human” to fully human. First, they attained a fully developed self-consciousness and a moral sense, then they developed a spirit of community that was much more advanced than any other species, and finally they constructed methods of precise communication becoming aware of their finite personal life and own impending death. Neanderthals reverently buried their dead with a ritual that seems to show that they anticipated life after death, in some form. They oriented the bodies in a specific direction, they planted tools with the body that might be of use in a future life. Neanderthals might have had based this belief on some concept of the supernatural that was just, in fact, common natural occurrences. From the moment humans have attained a sense of finite existence they have attempted to give meaning to life. Humans have created gods to explain scientific phenomenons, rituals to bring good fortune, and burials to ease death. History has proven that with the changing of society, God or gods change as
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