The Creation Of The World

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The Creation from Animals In most cultures and myths most people seems to agree on that the animals and creatures of this world, were here way before humans ever existed. The different ideas of ways of how humans are created are very different but yet most cultures do agree that animals were here before humans. Some of these creation myths also believe that an animal was honored by the creator or God to help create this world. Two creation myths that seem to agree on more things about the creation with animals are from Siberia and North America. Neither one of these cultures or tribes are from the same time period or location, yet their views are so similar.
The Buriat creation myth is from Siberia which is an earth diver myth. The story from the American Indian’s called “Remaking the World” is also an earth diver myth. Even though both of these myths have a different endings and different characters, they both represent similar things. An earth-diver myth usually has a creator who is like a God or Hero that usually sends an animal into the flooded earth to find something that can help to build livable land. The use of floods is the way these stories connect because they both start out with a clean slate of an earth filled with only water, an animal and one creator. In the beginning of the “Remaking the World” myth, the people did not behave themselves or even act as though they were human. Therefore their creating power removed them completely by flooding the entire
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