The Creation Of Waiting For Nothing By Tom Kromer

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The Creation of Waiting for Nothing Who played a big role in the creation of the novel Waiting for Nothing, by Tom Kromer? The novel Waiting for Nothing focuses on the impact of the Great Depression on working-class people. During the whole novel, the author reminisces about his life during the late 1920’s and early 1930’s. First, Kromer shows the reader the gloominess and despair of the less fortunate men and woman during this era; he does this by describing different stages of his personal recollections in the Great Depression in each chapter. Ultimately, there are two major factors that play a role in the establishment of the novel such as the author, and the publisher. The life of the author is significant because the novel is a retell of Kromer’s past. Moreover, the publisher is important because without a reputable publisher Kromer would have been unable to successfully show his struggles throughout the Great Depression period to many individuals. Firstly, Thomas Micheal Kromer was born in West Virginia on October 20,1906 (Kromer 263). Kromer’s family consisted of his father Allbert Kromer, his mother Grace Thornburg, and his brothers and sister Emogene, Katherine, Allbert, and Wilma. Kromer’s family moved all over the United States including places such as Fairmont, Kingwood, and finally settled at Huntington (Kromer 263). In the beginning, Kromer’s financial status was unstable to the point where he left college in 1926 to 1927 in order to acquire money to fund his…

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