The Creation Of Wazanki: An Ancient Civilization

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Long ago, lived an ancient civilization, shrouded in the jungles of Indonesia, called the Wazaznacas. They were a primitive tribe, surviving primarily by hunting and gathering. One day a young girl asked her mother about the creation of the world, in their native language, Wazanki. And this is how it went. There was once a young man, named Guntur, and he was the supreme being of the world, the leader of the deities, controlling the thunder and the everything pertaining to the skies (precipitation, clouds, etc). Under him, were many other powerful deities, taking many forms, such as, Eko, the Panda and his magical bamboo (Artifact 2), Caha, a mystical enchantress, and Caho, a fire-bending wizard, and the husband of Caha. Every one lived in…show more content…
Secretly, in the night, both the mischievous Bako and Ariella, smelted all the natural tungsten, and golden jewelry, to form a long chain. After that, they connected the chain to a tree, a hidden one in the heart of the heavens, and prepared to climb down and disobey Guntur. As soon as they reached the ocean, they grabbed a few blue beads from a dish (Artifact 5), stolen from Gunturs personal cache, and crushed them and sand, gravel, and dirt, bursted form the beads and soon solidified and land was created. Next, they thought the “world” was dull and not as lush as their home in the heavens, and unleashed the rainbow worm on the land, which molded the land with its body, and sprouted flora and fauna, everywhere it crawled, by the use of its magical properties, granted by the tree of Vestu. Bako and Ariella, both then decided that the world looked lonely, and began to develop human figures, out of clay/mud, from the beads, soon these little people( Artifact 3), in stature, existed and began to populate the, now deemed by Bako and Ariella, Bumi, or Earth. After a cope days on their new world, they decided
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