The Creation of Enkidu Essay

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Creation stories are symbolic accounts of how the world and its inhabitants came about. These stories first developed in oral traditions, so there are multiple accounts of them from different cultures and societies. The Babylonian Creation story, the Genesis Creation story, and the Sumerian story of the Creation of Enkidu are examples of these and the similarities are interesting. As Dennis Bratcher states, “Because of many parallels with the Genesis account, some historians concluded that the Genesis account was simply a rewriting of the Babylonian Story. As a reaction, many who wanted to maintain the uniqueness of the Bible argues either that there were no real parallels between the accounts or that the Genesis narratives were…show more content…
In the Genesis story, God creates man in his own image and likeness. There are different versions of the Genesis bible. In one of these versions, it is said that humans were made from clay. One difference of the creation stories is that the Sumerian and Babylonian people have many gods, but the Hebrew people have only one god. In all of these stories, only one god creates man. The Hebrew God can never die. He is immortal. The gods in the Babylonian and Sumerian story can be defeated. The gods in the Sumerian and Babylonian stories are like the “man” that the Hebrew god created. “Man, that is born of woman, is of few days and full of trouble. Like a flower he comes forth and is withered; he flees like the shadow and does not endure” (Job 14:1-2).
In the Babylonian creation story, man was made of the blood of Kingu who was a troublesome god who was killed for the purpose of his blood. He was created primarily in order to serve the gods and free them from the need of working for their “bread.” In the Genesis creation story, man was made to rule over the animals and creatures of the earth. In the Sumerian creation story of Enkidu, it is said that he was created solely for the purpose of balancing Gilgamesh out so Uruk could finally have peace. “The people suffer from his tyranny, the people cry out that he takes the son from his father and crushes him, takes the girl from her mother and
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