The Creation of Suspense in Different Film Genres Essay

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The Creation of Suspense in Different Film Genres We humans demand a lot nowadays where a film is concerned. No longer do we want simple, traditional storylines (well at least I don’t!), but instead we expect big explosions, top-notch special effects and quality acting. Film directors have a tough task keeping its audience happy; however the more suspense they create in their films, the more appreciative we will be of it. A classic horror or an intense thriller tends to leave us all on the edge of our seats and this is how suspense affects viewers; what will happen next? This is the only question we want to know the outcome of. I have decided to study three different genres for this article: an…show more content…
This tyrannical behaviour rather instantly makes us realise the cruelty of the Tweedy regime and how it affects the poor, helpless chickens. The severe setting and the fact that its night-time, adds to the suspense and melodrama of the scene. One point worth noting in this opening sequence is of the soundtrack; it’s of a frantic and regimental style, re-inforcing the ideas about this particular setting. Ginger however, is a wily-ol’ character and has cunning plans to destroy the Tweedy’s long term dreams in business. The following shot of interest is mainly shrouded in darkness. We partly see Ginger’s foot, sensing that she is up to something The suspense in this is that we are being denied information or an outcome caused by Ginger’s actions. Low and behold Ginger is again trying to escape, this time by crawling under the barbed wire, with the humour being that it was just via the help of a metal spoon and not some of the members of her clueless crew. Ginger tries really hard to free herself, but every time she ends up in the coal bin. The last time we see Ginger there in the opening sequence, is built up full of suspense. Parallel editing becomes a real feature now and so much tension is created in the semi-chase scene between Ginger and Mr Tweedy, plus two of his most vicious dogs! The constant switches of one character to another, really is a technique to draw the
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