The Creation of Virtual Teams: A Case Study

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Virtual Teams Case Study ________________________________________________________________________ Virtual Teams Name Date Virtual Teams With the advent of cheap and effective information communications technology, the use of "virtual teams" is increasing in many industries. Virtual teams are created on a need basis in order to combine people for a certain project. (Andres, 2002) The major concept is making use of different employees who are not present in a single geographical location and uniting them on a single project. We will look in to the project known as Country Capital Works Program (CCWP) that was undertaken by the New South Wales Police Force in Australia. This project consisted of a virtual team that was created with existing personnel for a certain purpose. This project goes on to confirm that virtual project teams can be created if the need arises. As it can be understood, the lack of face to face communication can lead to a lot of problems. Along with looking at the advantages of virtual teams, their disadvantages will be looked at as well. Due to the distance between Sydney and other country centers, as well as the distance from the country centers to remote radio sites; working in a co-located team was quite hard. Thus, it was decided to form a virtual team in order to undertake the CCWP. The duration of the project was three years and the cost was more than AUD $20.5 million. In order to implement this project firstly, a full time project manager
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