The Creation of an E-Portafolio

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I decided to create a professional and appellative web page for those who like decorations or a looking for a new and a creative decorator for their usual parties such as birthday parties or New Year’s parties, Baby Showers or even more special occasion such wedding parties.

As I am doing a Business Management and Retail Marketing, have a good understanding of computers and software and what I can get from them it is really important and useful.

Moreover, I would like to become a well-known event planner and parties’ decorator as it is my passion because it is a nice and an easy way to make and see peoples’ happiness because I understand exactly what they want.


To create this portfolio it was indispensable the use of different sources of information such as the tutor tutorial classes and other web sites and YouTube videos to help understand better how to use and create a HTML and CSS web page (see appendices for references). The Adobe Dreamweaver is a software application for creating web pages, essentially, a web editor and HTML programming entirely in connection with CSS application (Connection, 2014). CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets, which is a style language that defines the…
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