The Creation of the American Democracy Essay

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The Creation of the American Democracy

When the Framers of the Constitution met in Philadelphia, they came together with one common purpose in mind. They needed to form a fair and solid system of government that would stand the test of time; one that was both fair for the people and would not involve a monarchy. Each of these men had their own ideas on what would constitute this system, however, so many compromises had to be made. Together, the men gathered in Philadelphia created a federal system of government and drafted a constitution outlining this government. They took care in developing three branches of federal government with a system of checks and balances so that no one branch would gain too much power, thus avoiding any
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While the popular party was in favor of using paper money to pay off debts, such as was done in Rhode Island, the upper-class patricians saw this as unacceptable. Since the Philadelphia Convention consisted of the conservative aristocrats (there was no representative from Rhode Island), paper money was outlawed and a national bank was set up. Although this may have been the fairest and most logical set-up, it was not a democratic plan because it did not uphold the common interests of the people.

The Electoral College is also an example of a plan implemented by the Framers that does not always uphold the common interests of the people. While many reasons are cited as to why the Framers chose this system, two stand out as being most prominent: They were concerned about representation for small states, and they wanted a precautionary system to ensure that the official who took the oath of President was indeed able to sufficiently perform these duties. Electors were supposed to vote with the majority decision of their state, but there was no law saying they had to. The latter of the two explanations is most undemocratic, although the Electoral College system is

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