The Creative Industries Of Kanye West

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Success in todays day and age is often achieved through the capitalization of creativity. When mixing creativity with commerce, the outcome usually tends to be a lot of money. The Creative Industries is a frankly new industry that many different people are greatly profiting from. Although the creative industries may sound very fun and easy, like everything in life, they too face many different challenges. Profiting off creativity can prove quite challenging for different players involved. Kanye West is a very famous figure within the creative industries. He plays a major role within the music as well as fashion industry. Kanye West is often times inhibited from capitalizing off of his creativity due to his controversial behaviour and forms of expression. Kanye West’s most famous controversy first started in 2009 at the annual MTV Video Music Awards (the VMAs). Taylor Swift had just received the award for Best Female Video, and while she was accepting her award, West interrupted claiming that Beyonce Knowles deserved the award. This resulted in a lot of controversy and backlash towards West including slurs, threats of violence and even threats of lynching. Kanye West justified his actions in terms of the racial politics present in awards shows, the music industry, and the mass media more generally (Cullen). Within a week however, West was featured in an interview with Jay Leno and publicly apologized for his actions towards Swift. After this occurrence, West was viewed as an…

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