The Creative Medium Art Form Of Photography

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* With this in mind, I reside in the picturesque scenic province of Southern Ontario, Canada. Thus, I have been passionately fascinated in the creative medium art form of photography, along with it as an approach to self-expression. * To point out, ever since my early childhood recollections. By truly obtaining my photographic inspiration & enthusiasm from my late uncle of both acquiring the knowledge of photo shootings & traditional analog Darkroom procedures. * In addition, my affirming late dear parents that facilitated the setup of my basement workshop darkroom & energize my photo-shooting talents, my phenomenal inspire brother, and notably my endearing, charming elegant Anastasiya whose encouragements and wisdom are without equal.…show more content…
To be sure that visually catches my imaginative photographic insightful eye. * Accordingly, as I proceeded in my photographic pursuits, I diligently practice seeing fine pictures, to sharpen my senses to my surroundings. Thus, spontaneously beginning to notice those small detail elements, their dynamic movements, the variety of colours, not to mention the projecting highlights, mid tones, and their cast shadows. Indeed, letting the subject speak to me for revealing the best possible techniques in capturing these images, to selectively focusing on the subject, striving to isolate it from a distracting or nonessential background. Thereupon, looking uniquely for those strong shapes, spatial relationships, colour balances, striking lines, and their distinct patterns. * That is to say, through my years of experimentation. I am especially embracing that photography is an artistic voyage of revelations. I am a firm believer that, true to life natural light is always my uppermost best friend. Especially appreciating those beautifully enhance contrast, bold art forms of the black & white print media. Along with the breathtaking variety of vivid, colourful hues in the finished colour print outlays. * To emphasize, when touring and exploring various outdoor locations. I am particularly searching for that distinctive naturally magical artistic aspect of people. In effect, freezing and capturing their unique, priceless moments of
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