The Creative Vision Of Steve Jobs

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The creative vision of Steve Jobs launched the iPod, iPad, and iPhone. These products have changed the way we communicate and listen to music, and made Apple the most profitable company in the world. Yet, there are some employees who would rather commit suicide than make these products for Steve. How can a man with such a vision push his people to the point where they no longer want to live? Steve was a true visionary leader because he transformed the world of personal and mobile computing, but his lack of empathy and toxic drive for success made him unethical. In this paper, I will discuss how Steve used the visionary leadership traits of inspirational motivation and diversity to inspire others to be a part of his vision. Additionally, I will discuss how he was unethical because he lacked intellectual empathy and pushed people too hard, leading him into the ethical trap of drive for success. Finally, I will reflect on how I have used inspirational motivation and diversity to help my last unit succeed in physical fitness, and how intellectual empathy and drive for success have played a role in my career. Steve Jobs used inspirational motivation to inspire people to think big and diversity to build the right mix of talent to make his companies successful. Visionary leaders have a talent for leading their teams towards a common goal. They create a positive image of their future and inspire their followers with their vision. Steve had a true talent to
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