The Creativity of the Teaching Plan

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g) Creativity The creativity of the teaching plan will be assured by the creation of the specific materials slides, pamphlets, advertising/marketing efforts used to make the community aware of the learning event, and more. Effective visual and textual materials will be essential not only in making the community aware of the educational program being offered, but will also be important in ensuring that the information communicated during the lesson is effective in reaching participants and that it will be remembered by them (Shaw et al, 2011). Creative use of color and graphics and extensive use of mnemonics and other creative memory devices will help to ensure that the lessons given are remembered in a practical fashion, and thus that the program is successful in achieving the short- and the long-term goals that it set out with (Purcell, 2004). Creativity will also be seen in classroom exercises that encourage participants to demonstrate the knowledge learned, enabling them to engage with the material in creative ways such as through role playing, scenario imagining, and critical discussions with instructors and peers. This type of engagement will also enhance the practicality of the information delivered in the class and make it more memorable to participants (Shaw et al, 2011). h) Evaluation of Objectives, Goals & Teacher In order to determine whether or not the teaching event was a success, and thus whether it should be repeated and if/how it should be adjusted, it
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