The Creator 's Nurture Essay

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Hallelujah!! Amen! Preach! are responses heard in many black churches. I have always been a shouter, a runner, a singer, a dancer, one who cries and protest during the heightened celebration of what we called Black Worship. I never thought anything about it, but always understood and accepted by faith that this was God spirit’s interacting and responding with my spirit. We were doing a dance and celebrating together. We were in agreement!!! The creator’s nurture comes near to us and envelope us when we are in spaces of nurture in black churches. As a child I have always been open, accepting and curious. My mind and my heart has always seem to have an equal amount of exuberance. I understood early that God’s wisdom and his presence is always available— all we had to do was ask. (reference-The presence of God— Luke 11:9, Matthew 7:7) The experiential seemed readily available, then the wisdom would follow? I didn’t want the world’s wisdom, philosophy or mystical wisdom unless it agreed with the wisdom of God. (bible reference— James 1:5, 1 King 3:9). I wanted God to nurture my soul, body and mind. As children we like to emulate our parent. As we get older we begin to question everything!! I remember as I begin to grow in my relationship with Christ— I asked about everything. I begin to ask why the order of the church meeting? Why the order of choir, the offering, and the preaching? What was the difference between teaching and preaching? Why the
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