The Creature Of Mary Shelley 's ' Frankenstein '

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Throughout Frankenstein, the creature was not looked at as human because of some of his features. He had different features than most humans did. He was very strong, and frightened others by his physical appearance. The creature contains the body parts of other humans. The creature has feelings for others. He has an understanding that he is not like the rest, so he does his best to blend in. He does his best to communicate with other humans. The creature also wants another creature so he is not lonely. Although he was different, he is still considered to be a human being.
What does it mean to be human? In the society that we live in today there is a wide variety of definitions that sometimes the truth becomes blurry and it takes an epiphany to change our perceptions. Being able to feel pain, sorrow, happiness, joy, sympathy, and love. These are the traits that we should all be striving for. As humans, we should all be striving to become better people. We as humans want to grow as individuals. We focus a large amount on ourselves to become better people. We enjoy seeing ourselves succeed in life. It is a great accomplishment when you have witnessed yourself accomplish something. When goals are reached, we praise ourselves. Humans enjoy feeling good about themselves, and growing as humans helps us with this great feeling because we have reached our goal. Just being alive doesn’t mean we are truly living. This is what separates the humans from creatures. This is the case in
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